Monday, July 21, 2008

Wedding Pictures

To make things simple we decided to post all of the weeding pictures that Katie’s family takeded (or is it tooked?) for our wedding. Now everyone can sleep soundly knowing that they can save these pictures to a CD or a memory card and go to their nearest friendly neighborhood Wal-Mart and print a off dozen 24x36 poster size pictures of everyone’s favorite couple, and then display them at the entrance of all of their homes, so that all people who enter there home can behold beauty in its most pure form. There’s no way that we could fit all the pictures on the blog, but you can see them by clicking here. So with out further ado, the pictures:

Here they are really:

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Our Honeymoon

Hello!! This is my first blog ever!! As such I have decided to update you all on the events of our honeymoon. (Yeah, I should start with the wedding but unfortunately our weddign pictures are in the mail and how boring would a blog about the wedding be without the pictures?!) So here goes the honeymoon. . .

After the wedding on Saturday we checked into an amazingly luxurious Motel 6! WOO HOO!! It was pretty much the best room ever... a T.V. that didn't get many channels, no fridge, no blow dryer.. yup the best ever. Even the breakfast was amazing... Erik brought some of his protein shake and used the ice bucket for a cup and we picked up some cheerios at the local grocery store (which was pretty much scary).

After breakfast on Sunday we left for Cali!!! The drive there took about 6 hours that seemed to take 12 hours like car rides always do. We made it to our hotel safe and sound though. Due to some awesome connections that Ryan has (THANKS RYAN!!) we were able to stay at the Radisson. This hotel was beautiful, huge and really close to everything! We checked into our room on the 7th floor, which guess what. . . we had to use a key in the elevator just to get to! I thought that was way exciting! The room was amazing.. with a sleep number bed and all sorts of exciting things! Even the toilet paper was folded fun! :) A little while after we checked in we were surprised when we were brought a bottle of sparkling cider in a bucket of ice and chanpaigne glasses. It was sooo exciting!
Monday toured Newport. Their mall is HUGE!! I would have gotten lost and been lost for days.. luckily I had Erik with me. We walked around on the beach later. We weren't really in an area that we could swim so decided just to enjoy the scenory. It was amazing! We sat on this rock that was kind of into the water and felt the mist of the waves.. it was silly romantic but I loved it!

On Tuesday we went to Disneyland!! It was so much fun! The weather was perfect, warm enough for water rides but cool enough to not get heat stroke. We were able to go on every ride we wanted at least once and of course we had to get one of their famous churros, I don't think Erik would have left without having had one.
Wednesday we went to the beach again. This time we were prepared. We wore our swimsuits and brought towels. On the way there we got hamburgers and some fries. We sat on the sand (which was ridiculously hot by the way) and ate our lunch and then played in the water a bit. It was wonderful.

That night we had a special treat. . . we got to see Wicked live! It was soooo good! We got there a little early so were able to tour the area. We saw the Hollywood sign and walked around, it definitely wasn't Utah.

When we got there we had to work out some kinks with our tickets (they were for the previous day) which was alright but made it so we had to sit in the very back. The Theatre was beautiful, everything was set up perfectly! Luckily we got a nice lady to take a picture of us on the large set of stairs, there was a chandelier.. it was just amazing! And that was just the theatre! We got into our seats and the play began and the only phrase that comes to mind is one of Erik's classics. . . "It changed my life!"
The music was wonderful, the acting was perfect.. it was simply amazing! We have had the songs in our head ever since!
After the play we drove to Melissa and Ryan's house where they let us stay the night. It was so much fun seeing Tatum and Davis the next morning! I'm sorry to say, I think we got them a little too excited before we left, Melissa probably wasn't very fond of us for the next couple of hours :) (sorry Melissa). We drove to Mom and Dad's house from there where stayed the night packed up the gifts and then headed to our new appartment.
Needless to say, we had an amazing honeymoon. We both had sooo much fun!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Making this blog counts as our FHE

Hello everybody, because of populer (lar) demand we have finally relented to the compulsive prompting of the digital world (and Michelle) and have made a blog for us to post family gossip, dirty jokes, and blatantly false rumors about various politicians. So for starters, here's some family gossip: Michelle is pregnant (but is Rob really the father?!?!). The dirty joke: A white horse fell into the mud. And as for the Political lies; Hilary Clinton is secretly the illegitimate daughter of John McCain. The author of the blog will be switching off every week (bet you can't guess who is the author this week.) and we will be updating everyone with the escapades of Erik and Katie in the chosen land of Provo, Utah were all of our wildest dreams come true.