Sunday, July 5, 2009


We don't have any little kids so we don't have much material for weekly updates on our lives. We do have a cat but that would be weird if we did weekly updates about our cat (Whom after 2 months we still haven't come up with an official name for. We are thinking "Princess Pretty Kitty", "Sasha", "Pam", or "Miss Meowington". Let us know what you think.)
So far this summer we having been painting and doing other little construction projects that have kept us busy. Katie is pulling 47 hour weeks with two jobs, and I just started summer school. I also have gotten an extra job at, not to brag, Dominos. The fact that I have to drive around Provo in an extra large blue Dominos Shirt and goofy looking slip resistant shoes is total made up by the sweet 50% percent discount we get. By the way if anyone that reads this doesn't give at least a 2 dollar tip to the delivery guy I will find you and hurt you.
We were also able to go out of town a few times this summer. First I was able to bear witness to the small town Katie calls home, Blanding. Whilst in the town we stayed in the beautiful "Cliff Palace Motel" which fetured fuzy cable TV with no remote, moldy bathroom walls, and no other motel customers. However, we did get to hike around various area around blanding including Katies homestead. We also went to Glenwood Springs to visit with Grand mummy and grand father. Last of all we spent a weekend with some of Katie's younger cousins while their parents went out of town. There were 3 boys and 1 girl all under the age of 11 and after a weekend of watching them we spent the money we earned on additional birth conrtol.
So that is what has been going on with us.