Sunday, July 11, 2010

Squaw Peak Hike and Camping (kindof)

On the Forth of July weekend we went camping in the mountains near Provo. We drove up to a great lookout point on a dirt road that was about 30 minutes aways. Because I am way minimalist when it comes to camping we ate on the way up (plus I got out of school at 6pm) and didn't even bother with a fire. We just backed into nice little spot near a 1500 ft cliff and whipped out the camping chairs and watched the sun set. After the sun went down we went into the truck camper and watched some House on the laptop. The next mooring we hiked Squaw Peak. The trail starts in Provo and climbs about 3000ft through Rock Canyon and up the mountain. It was about 8 miles long and was pretty awesome.

Panoramic from camping spot. Click on it to make it bigger.

Panoramic from Squaw Peak

This was a meadow near the top with a bunch of blooming yellow flowers. I don't know if my trashy camera was able to capture it.

This was near our camping spot. This is Rock Canyon and the mountain in the back is Wymountain.

This is the camping spot .

A view from inside the camper. We were about 4 ft from the 1500 ft cliff.

On top of Squaw Peak with Utah Valley in the background. Almost 7900 ft elevation.

Here is a 360 view of the top of Squaw Peak.