Thursday, August 20, 2009

Vegas Vacation

So the people in Utah practice a ritual that might seem foriegn called it "Pioneer Day." To celebrate it we decided to go to Vegas and we are proud to say that not one hooker was harmed. We started off by getting a motel in Cedar City. Under parental counsil we were told that "no one ever tells the motel manage how many people you really have." So with these words of wisdom I told the nice lady motel manager that only two people would be staying in the motel for the night (when in fact Katie's sister Alice was along with us). Thereafter the nice lady walked around from her office and went to the glass door to see how many people were in the truck. When she saw that there were two girls in the truck, plus me, which added to 3 and not to 2, then confronted me. She pointed out her onbservation and at that point, I am proud to say, I was able to weive the most fantastic, (and one might say even beautiful) lie. I explained that I was going to stay with a mission budy who lived in town (I did have a mission buddy in town) and that I was getting the motel for the two nice ladies in the truck. Suspisionsly she asked me if there was any chance that I would be staying in the motel, and in a moment of weakenss I said I might. She explained that I would have to pay more if I did. At this point I decided that if she is going to imply that I was lying (wich I was ) then she could kiss my $42 bye bye. So I said "Well, I'll go talk to my buddy and if I can't stay there then we'll come back and we will pay for all three of us. Then with the little (if any) dignity that I had left, I left. We drove down the road and found an even cheaper motel, so suck it stingy motel lady. But I digress.
So we went to Vegas and stayed in an actually pretty dang swank downtown hotel. On Pioneer Day we started at the Stratoshpere and walked all the way down to New York New York. The hole day we walked about 14 miles, after which we decieded that we have experience Vegas would not be upset if we never came back.

This is from our hotel room.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Provo River Pictures

So we needed some pictures of us to put into our house so we went down to the Provo River to take some pictures. We had to hop a fence to get on the bridge and as we were comming back a little 4 year old told on us to his dad. The dad agreed with his son that we were being bad.