Sunday, August 10, 2008

Our Humble Abode

So, we are finally going to put up a short video of our little apartment in BYU family housing known as Wymount. The time is empecable merely because our days are limited at this place. Last week we came upon a apartment near campus that we really liked. It is cheaped, closer to campus, and much closer to Katie’s bus stop, soooo we are going to move there in two weeks. It's a bit smaller but we are pretty small people, so we can deal. It's in a nice little house that has been split into 4 apartments. Plus, it lacks the stigma of BYU housing which will be a perk.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Hiking the 'Y'

Although we may try to fool ourselves and you guys that we are different, it isn't true; we are pretty close to a typical BYU couple. To prove it, the picture above is at the top of the "Y"; of which we have climbed twice. See told you!

With how much people talk about for dates or family home evenings and such you would think it would be easy. Yeah, it isn't. Of course... I am a wimp. But to tell the truth, it was worth it. Erik thought of the idea of going up at sunset... it was gorgeous! (And he pretends he isn't a romantic.)

The first time we hiked it we weren't really that prepared for how strenuous it was. This time we were prepared which made it much better. We started up the steep switch backs just before the sun started to set. Although we stopped a couple times for me to catch my breath we made it up to the top just in time. It was amazing how drastically the sky changed as we got to the top. At about half way the sun was starting to set and there were rays over the mountain the made this red haze show up over the valley.We finally got to the Y where Erik encouraged me to be brave and face my fear of heights (which were really getting to me at this point) and bees that kept following us and actually walk up the Y to the top rather than on the path that took a lot longer. It was a scary experience honestly, don't tell anyone but I actually got a little teary. At the top I was actually so scared I couldn't sit
on the edge. Erik sat on the edge a bit to take a picture from from the top looking down the mountain. Then he moved back and we cuddled as we watched the sky change colors.
After a little while we decided to head down the mountain before it got to dark. (If you ever want to work out your knees and thighs that the the thing for you.) It was nice to occasionally glance and see the last bit of sun poking over the mountain. The bugs thought so too, but don't worry, we survived.

Well, we did it, we hiked the 'Y', and we didn't even hurt ourselves. We made it down the mountain just as it was starting to sprinkle.

When we got home we celebrated by having a large breakfast for dinner thanks to Erik's amazing cooking (he wouldn't let me finish this blog without talking about his amazing cooking,he even took a picture of it). It was rather scrumptious really.