Monday, November 24, 2008

Katie's list of 100 random facts

Erik did a list, Melissa did a list, I didn't want to be left out..

1. I have this weird obsession with touching my face… smoothing my eyebrows, playing with my eyelashes… Erik hates it!.. I hate it.. But can’t stop.
2. I never have been sent to the principals office or gotten detention. Only once have I had to sit out during recess because I didn’t finish my homework.
3. The first crush I had was when I was 5. He broke my heart by getting up in front of everyone at recess and telling them I like him.. I tried to deny it..I hated him after that.
4. I got my first pair of glasses when I was 18 months old.
5. I try to win radio contests like twice a week.
6. Rainy days make me happy.
7. I crave popcorn, French fries, chocolate and diet coke regularly.
8. My toes are always cold, there is nothing can do about it.
9. In the winter I wear like 5 layers (no joke) along with my big jacket. (My bus driver actually made fun of me once because of it)
10. I have these random needs to pet a cat, so I made a cat friend who lives across the street and he now recognizes me and sometimes follows Erik and I around.
11. I love candles and nummy smelling things..
12. Coming from the previous one, I love the smell of the cologne that Erik would wear when we were dating.. That he doesn’t’ wear anymore because I guess ‘it gives him headaches’ hehe
13. I never drink enough water, I try, it just doesn’t happen.
14. Having painted toenails makes me feel feminine.
15. I had to pierce my ears twice because the first time I had to let them grow over.
16. In Highschool I drove an old chevy that had a 420 gallon tank in the back which I used to haul water home with daily.
17. Through out my life my family has had over 10 cats, 5 dogs, probably a million fish, at least 3 birds, 5 turtles, several bunnies, a goat, several chickens (that we actually never ate, we would just give them to our mailman when they were getting old), a turkey, a deer, a frog, several rats, 3 hamsters.. I think that is it.. Yup.. We are definitely animal people!
18. I had bifocals in middle school.
19. I was so small when I was a baby, my mom would literally dress me in doll clothes.
20. At one point in my life I could do over 500 sit-ups in a row, I know this because I competed with my brother once and should have beet him but my mom told me to stop or he wouldn’t.
21. I have always really liked monkeys and if it weren’t for the whole diaper thing which I will have to deal with with my kids anyway, I would have one as a pet.
22. I don’t ever really remember not having a CTR ring on my right hand.
23. I was the child that everyone thought was perfect, but now that I think about it I really got away with a lot.
24. On rainy days my favorite thing to do would be to get in sweats, grab a book and sit in a soft rocking chair in front of a fire place and drink cocoa.
25. I love gewy love songs.. Josh Groban, Chicago… Erik doesn’t, especially the 80’s soft rock ones which I think are just great.
26. I used to be way tom-boy, I would wear baggy shirts and go on the hiking trips with the boy scouts..
27. I loved band ,drama and choir in high school! They were my favorite classes.
28. Victoria’s secret lotion is amazing and I use it often!
29. Before I met Erik my best mile time was 9.36.. Now with his help and encouragement I can run it in 8.30!
30. I love reading!
31. I feel you can never have enough clothing, it is always exciting to go through your closet and remember you own another cute shirt!
32. I love playing my piano, it helps me deal with stress. When I was younger I would always play a keyboard my mom bought for us, it drove her crazy sometimes cause I would be doing homework and then get distracted by it and play for hours.
33. I love decorating for Halloween and Christmas! I have never decorated for thanksgiving/fall until this year, it isn’t as fun.. My family would always decorate for Christmas the Saturday after Halloween, but Erik says that is too early.
34. If I could, I think I would go to bed at 8:30 every night and wake up at 9:30 the next morning.. Or later.. I love sleep and never seem to get enough, hence the coke craving :)
35. I like to cross stitch but never seem to finish them.
36. There are a number of things that sooth me: someone playing with my hair, Erik’s voice, curling up and cuddling, Erik playing guitar and singing, music, reading and popcorn!
37. I hate messes but am a messy person.. Which doesn’t really make sense.. Like when I am cleaning I get all down and dirty with it, scrubbing… disinfecting.. Every little inch.. But when I am not involved in my cleaning I just things around.
38. I own more than 5 pairs of jeans that I switch off wearing… the more clothes you own the less often you have to do laundry.. Hehe
39. I cry over everything! When I laugh to hard, the first time I heard the “Christmas shoes” song.. My books.. Everything
40. My pet peeves: not quite turning off the water so it drips, when people don’t clean off their mouth after brushing their teeth so you find toothpaste on the towels, when coworkers don’t work but still get bonuses because you have to end up doing their work for them, dryers that you have to dry a single load in three times before they are done
41. When I was reading Harry Potter for the first time through my mom had to ground me from them because I was so addicted..
42. I was in the Miss San Juan contest my junior year.. I didn’t win anything
43. I tried out for cheerleading my sophomore year.. Yup.. I pretty much sucked at it and needless to say .. I didn’t get in
44. I was Drum Major my Junior year.
45. I was first chair I our flute section my senior year. Of course, we only had 5 flutes but what the hey..
46. I graduated with my Associates in Science before I graduated from high school.
47. Drama trips were the best!
48. I can never keep my fingernails painted because no matter what I do it always chips off
49. If I wake up before 8 in the morning I have this serious low at like 9:30 am.
50. Even if I am wide awake if I go into class I suddenly can’t keep my eyes open, it is like a subconscious need...
51. When my family gets together all the girls sit down and play a rather violent game of nert while eating chocolate and drinking coke!
52. I grind my teeth in my sleep, but when Erik wakes me up because of it I could swear I was just chewing.
53. I Block things from my memory all the time.. Subconsciously. I don’t know.. But I guess it is how I deal with things…
54. I love big teddy bears and still have one on Erik’s and my bed as d├ęcor..
55. Tulips are my favorite flower!
56. I hate wind blowing on me in my sleep, it tweeks my brain and makes me hear things.
57. I love wearing my huge, fashionably wrong and icky overalls!
58. I think toe rings are fun.
59. I regularly clean my keyboard with alcohol and q-tips
60. When I was little I could have eaten spaghetti everyday and been completely thrilled about it.
61. My brother and sister are still mad at me for getting in trouble for some things that I did when I was little and unaccountable.
62. I love dancing and singing along with my music while I clean.
63. I have seen every episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer twice.
64. I love bread! When I first moved to college I would sometimes stop by the creamery and buy a loaf of their freshly baked French bread and eat it all in one day.
65. My family still makes fun of me for some mac and cheese I turned into glue when I was like 12.
66. Once when I was playing upwards with my sisters I suddenly had a brilliant thought for a word and looked it up in the dictionary just to verify that it was really a word, after seeing it was I excitedly layed down the word “toe.”
67. My first boyfriend was when I was 14.. And he was an 18 year old football player..
68. My first kiss was also when I was 14, at the first party I went to in Blanding, we played spin the bottle.
69. Because of the 4 years I lived in Blanding I have vowed to never live in a small town again.
70. I am really not into politics.. They honestly drive me crazy.
71. The first time I honked at someone was today.. November 24, 2008.
72. I have never gotten a ticket or even been pulled over, except for once when someone had stolen a truck just like mine.. So they thought it was me.
73. If it were my choice I would buy only Charmin Ultra!
74. For some reason, Snorkeling terrifies me to the point of almost crying, I think it is because I can’t see without my glasses so everything is fuzzy and I can’t tell how close I am to the rocks due to my horrible depth perception.
75. At one point in my life I was barely off from being legally blind.
76. I have had three surgeries on my eyes.
77. I have a lazy eye, a stigmatism and am far-sighted.
78. I have horrible posture and because of it, my back always hurts.
79. I love playing the flute and with it got a scholarship to BYU for Full tuition for a year through Sterling Scholar.
80. I wanted to be a band or chorus teacher forever, now I am majoring in Communication disorders..
81. I talk to my sister or mother for over 3 hours a day.
82. I am horrible at plucking my eyebrows, when I was younger I would have my older sister do it for me because otherwise I would always be lopsided.
83. All of my siblings and I have the same overlapping tooth in the front of our mouth on the right.. We got it from out dad.
84. I know that I have changed a lot since high school and when people recognize me for some reason it weirds me out.. Even though I know I don’t look different..
85. I used to be way good at math.. But then , as my mom puts it, “I discovered boys.” I haven’t been in math since the beginning of my junior year of high school.
86. If I could, I would wear slippers everywhere I go.
87. I like wearing make up, it makes me feel pretty.
88. I hate putting on makeup in natural light.. Like when I am driving for example, it never seems to cover up my flaws as well..
89. Not to sound vain, but I kick butt at minesweeper and FreeCell and play them all the time.
90. My family doesn’t understand how I could have such horrible English even though I read constantly.
91. I have a very strong testimony of the Gospel. I know that I am loved and always watched over. I know that the Atonement is an amazing blessing and that we shouldn’t take it for granted.
92. Chocolate chip cookies are my favorite type of cookie.
93. I don’t like having anything heavier than cold cereal in the morning or it upsets my tummy.
94. In high school I would call all my girlfriends babe and sexy beast.. Not sure why.. I still use babe occasionally
95. I was the leader of my little group of friends in high school.. so in a way I was popular.. Just it was among the band geeks and drama nerds.. Which was me all around.
96. I have the best husband that any girl could ever ask for.. He is attractive, he honors his priesthood, he plays guitar.. Yup.. He is pretty much perfect!
97. I love Clorox wipes and Magic Erasers, they are amazing inventions that I use often.
98. I name my vehicles, in high school my truck’s name was Charlie, Erik’s truck is named Otis.
99. The best salad ever has to be crisp and include lettuce, carrots, cheese, egg, sunflower seeds, chicken, avocado, cucumber, a little cabbage, tomato, and a small amount of ranch.
100. I only cussed my freshman year of high school and then realized how stupid it was.. Of course on random events one slips out. As an example of that.. When I was living with my parents in Hawaii January of 08’ I got locked out of the house while no one was home. The only way to get it was to use my amazing muscles and climb over the deck which I had to jump to reach. During the process I slammed my glasses against the railing and into my face.. That was the last time I remember swearing..

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

My 100 random facts

I know I am a copy cat, but I really liked Melissa's 100 facts. I actually learned a lot about her. I guess it because I haven't been around the family much for the past 40 months. So me thought that people might not really know me as much as they thought they do, so here are 100 random facts.

  1. If I could get a free pass for any commandment, it would be drinking coffee.
  2. When I started High School I was 4'10" and 91lbs.
  3. My favorite music is style is Indie-Folk
  4. My Favorite food is still Sandwiches.
  5. I have been to the principals office 3 time before (I think this is the first time Mom, and Dad have heard this.)
  6. I am obsessed with Politics.
  7. I absolutely loath Politics.
  8. I read about 1 book every two weeks.
  9. I have been married for almost 6 months.
  10. I married the first girl that I talked to in Utah.
  11. I really like playing the guitar. I even sing along too!
  12. I buy my shoes at Payless.
  13. My socks usually don't match.
  14. I was bald during 5th and 6th grade.
  15. I CAN NOT, to save my life, multi-task. Especially when I am talking on the phone.
  16. I am a very awkward phone talker so I try to avoid it.
  17. One of my biggest pet peeves is littering.
  18. I have seen every episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
  19. I am close to getting my minor in Mathematics.
  20. When I am talking to a stranger, a hick accent slips out of my dialect. I never noticed it till Katie pointed it out. It’s kind of bizarre. Just one side effect of serving in West Virginia.
  21. I couldn't care less about BYU football.
  22. I and everyone else would agree that I pretty much have the sweetest wife, ever.
  23. Katie and I have competed in a Ballroom Dancing Competition and made it 3 rounds.
  24. I swore like a sailor in 2nd grade and in 5th grade.
  25. My first Girlfriend was in 5th grade. Her name was Angela. We said a total of no more than 10 words in the 6 months we were "boyfriend" and "Girlfriend."
  26. I am fascinated by bridges, buildings, and Dams.
  27. I try to get at least 15 min of exercise a day.
  28. Every morning I drink a "Protein shake" that contains 1200 calories.
  29. Whitney (my little sister) has influenced my musical tastes a lot. She is the one that introduced me to the beautiful world of off the beaten path music.
  30. We don't get Television. Antennas don't even work in our apt. so we just watch Netflix.
  31. My wedding ring is in a girls size. My fingers were too small for the man sizes. Thanks a lot for the small hand genes mom. On top of that, Katie’s hands are abnormally small to. Are kids are going to be small handed freaks.
  32. The only two girlfriends (5th grade Angela doesn't count) I ever had I met at Subway and were fellow sandwich artists together.
  33. I loved my mission.
  34. I am a brown belt in Tekwondo.
  35. I has two mice named Mary-Kate and Ashley, in high school. Sadly, they were the closest think I had to a girlfriend in High School.
  36. I am addicted to looking up random facts on wikipedia.
  37. I love reading the road atlas.
  38. When I was little, I used to be obsessed with learning the different populations of towns, cities and states.
  39. I voted for Obama despite the fact that he is the biggest over hyped thing since pogs. Hopefully we don't find out that he is just a round cut out of cardboard liked pogs turned out to be.
  40. Katie let me get a bike off of Craig’s list a couple of months ago. I love her so much. I love Katie too.
  41. I developed a strange fascination with shoes whilst on my mission. My favorites are Vans Off the Wall.
  42. I have read the first four Harry Potters at least 7 times, the 5 book 4 times, and the 6th and 7th books 2 times.
  43. If my house was burning, there first thing I would grab(excluding people, but including pets) would be my Ipod.
  44. I work as a drafter for an electrical engineer on Campus.
  45. I think that the Doctrine of the Atonement is the most Bountiful thing in the world.
  46. I like the smell of wet cement.
  47. I never mowed a lawn until I was 20 years old.
  48. I have never bought anything with a BYU logo on it.
  49. Despite my lack of Display of School spirit, I am overall way impressed with the teachers at BYU.
  50. In second grade (when we lived in Mesa), for some unknown, unholy reason, I told people that my birthday was in November and played along with it the whole time we lived in Mesa (like 8 months).
  51. I played the trumpet for 6 years.
  52. I gained 50 lbs on my mission which was almost 50% of my body weight. (I have only lost about 8 lbs since I got home thanks to my Protein Drink.
  53. My first car was a wrecked 1999 Ford Contour.
  54. I saved about $300 dollars for a sweet sound system for my car. I installed it near the end of October of 2003 and by the beginning of November 2003 is was stolen. They caught the guy that did it in a couple months later.
  55. I have always kept the option of going to Law School in my mind if I decide that I don’t want to peruse civil engineering as a career when I graduate.
  56. I use to have some weird eye twitch when I was around 11 years old. Even when I think about it now, I have an urge to do it. Let’s change the subject.
  57. I drove a mission car into a ditch and caused quite a bit of damage two weeks before I came home from my mission.
  58. Katie has joined sides with my family in refusing to play monopoly with me.
  59. My dream calling is Teachers quorum adviser. I would get to go camping once a month. Deacons are too annoying and priest are too inactive.
  60. I wear brown skinny ties to church every week.
  61. I am desperately trying to convince Katie to allow me give our fist boy a middle name of Danger. She’ll crack eventually.
  62. I shave twice a week. Please don’t report me to the honor code office. My face is sensitive (not to mention aesthetically pleasing).
  63. I really try my best to look at both sides of every coin.
  64. I am really indecisive, probably because of the fact #58.
  65. As pathetic as it is, since we’ve gotten married our bed time has moved from 12am to a solid 10:30 pm. (Katie would prefer 7 to 9 pm)
  66. If you call me anytime between November though March, chances are my toes are cold.
  67. To fall asleep I have to be on my stomach.
  68. In order to fall asleep I have to clear my mind of the daily events. To do that I usually have a fantasy about being a CIA agent, or a super hero, or something to that effect. I have done this since I was little, and don’t plan to stop anytime soon.
  69. I was know as the kid who always wore pajama bottoms in High School.
  70. I love Math (except for linear algerbra) and Physics.
  71. Despite is huge bias, i think John Stewart is the funniest man in America, way more funny the Stephen Colbert.
  72. I don't follow movies very well. I always have to ask Katie what is going on.
  73. Up untill the 6th grade I was pretty sure that I was going to be a professional Basketball player.
  74. The tooth fairy wrote mean notes to me and my sisters growing up.
  75. I have a lot of respect for my sisters and parents.
  76. I don't know what got into me, but the first time I saw "Elf" I cried when Santa Clause came flying through the City to prove to everybody that he was real.
  77. I am not creative enough to come up with 100 facts.